25 years of architecting

enterprises globally

now a niche digital technology pioneer to deliver the future generation enterprise partnering in design, transformation and innovation

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The whole planet is Transforming & so are we!

archents has been in the servicing of enterprises globally since 1993. specializing in “architecting the enterprise”, the offerings have encompassed:

  1. applications lifecycle management

  2. cross shore technology development

  3. product development & management

  4. architecture development 

  5. management consulting


we continue to service these areas but with a renewed focus that relates to the modern economy pivoting to the use of modern technology and tools. we have never been in the rat race. happy to work with selected clientele and with those whom we could relate to with respect to exciting work.


archents has thus far developed a niche in the industries of manufacturing, supply chain, healthcare, real estate and travel & hospitality. the conventional industries are now morphing into ecosystems and archents is also geared to serve this new paradigm in the areas of:

  1. mobility 4.0

  2. healthcare 4.0

  3. real estate 4.0

in its new avatar, archents is building the capability to serve customers with on-demand services that concurrently facilitate growth and operations. in an on-demand world, the latency between customer and consumer is significantly reduced and this requires the infrastructure of a mutually serving platform, product, process and project environment. 

archents is working towards influencing these collaborative environments as the first step in the process of becoming a trusted partner in the customer ecosystem; where intellectual property can be transported seamlessly from conceptualization to commercialization in a continuum. Because the shrinking of time and space makes the rate of innovation inversely proportional to growth.



Breaking down and streamlining a complex challenge.


Learning-in-action: Involved and participative through the process of evolution.


Causal analysis: Mutually inclusive in thinking and acting, with a holistic picture on key decisions and trade-offs.


Outcome focus: Assessing potential outcomes before performance results, allowing for great possibility.



Looking at the process rather than a perceived final result, with the goal of creating a long standing partnership.


Industry 4.0:

Progressing from the previous industry revolutions, this one is powered by digital technology impacting every aspect of life. The transformation required here is from the very scratch; nothing resembles the past. 



Should be applied to the thinking of this new context first before designing applications. They are not one and the same.


Digital Technology:

If it is not smart, sensitive and serendipitous, it is not digital. 



Data is the new oil. It needs to work through the convergence of content, computing & communications in realtime.


Platform / Product /Process  / Project:

The digital economy is essentially an on-demand environment and this requires a very different infrastructure; both of the mindset and physicality that answers to the equation of digital duality.


Conceptualization to Commercialization in a Continuum:

The on-going shrinking of time & space necessitates a pipeline of intellectual property (IP) as compared to the previous economies where a pipeline of customers determined the valuation of an enterprise. 


Customer Focus:

Based on the above, bring the ability to mutually include mind 2 market and time 2 market in every service offering.



Technology is revolutionizing life. We see digital through life and enterprise applications.



The future of successful enterprises is creating value effectively in industry and extended ecosystems.


Value Capital: 

Progressing from proof of concept (models) to proof of solutions (prototypes) to proof of realization (applications) is critical to advancing risk assured growth.


Intellectual Capital:

The process of inquiry, exploration and discovery is a precondition to trigger transformation that is at the center of design & innovation. 


Customer Capital:

The definition of customer to include clients, team members, stakeholders, business partners, shareholders, vendors & society with a well defined role to play in the enterprise processes.