Real Estate 4.0

The convergence of the real estate industry is locked down by technology to six service functions including buying, selling, renting, leasing, sharing and developing







The Challenge of digital duality

Real Estate is most impacted by the converging industry and extended ecosystems

The impact of digital is perhaps the most profound in the real estate industry. Ironically, this is also the industry that needs bracing to the onslaught of technologies that are seeing applications impacted by changing demographics of global population, globality and urbanization.

Residential Real Estate

The concept of real estate investment in the residential sector is majorly impacted by the globality of technology that is being embraced by the changing demographic. Living spaces and city planning are being seen as a collaborative process with the internet of things (IOT), automation and data becoming centric to how the new world functions.

Commercial Real Estate

In addition to the factors impacting the residential real estate, commercial real estate is coming to terms with new ways of property valuation and connecting with the life ecosystems. An industry that was not majorly into technology now is in the thick of technology driven innovation to combat the forces of recession and renewal; enabling investments to become productive and profitable through good and bad economies on the strength of sustainable performance. 

Virtual Real Estate

This is the new real estate that is blended into the mix of both the residential and commercial real estate. There is no value in either residential or commercial real estate without the aligned virtual real estate that blends urban planning, living spaces and infrastructure to operate to the march of technology and automation across the Life applications.