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Healthcare 4.0

A healthcare system that is individual / patient centric; where life, learning & living finds precedence over the inevitable disease, decay & death.


Individual /





Medical Care


Life Sciences & Pharma



The Healthcare Revolution

A silent revolution in stealth mode that is creeping upon societies globally

Individual / Patient

The narrative is slowly but surely shifting to outcomes. The term patient will morph over a period of time to Individual and the episodic patient data that is owned by multiple agencies across the healthcare ecosystem will be owned by individuals which is their digital record of health from birth to death; capturing and connecting congenital, heredity and lifestyle data in realtime.


A disorganized industry is now springing to life with organized data that is actively advocating and influencing lifestyle changes including diet, exercise and mental health that was hitherto missing from the narrative of the healthcare big picture. Environmental conditions such as organic food and pollution control are also connecting with health data.

Medical Care

Technology is not only enabling data to be shared but forcing collaboration among the professionals and institutions involved with the provision of care for individual patients. This is further accentuated by non-medical technology players connecting not only the healthcare ecosystem but also the extended ecosystems of the seven stations of life including environment, education, health, wealth, technology. mobility and governance to bear upon making a qualitative difference to the life of an individual.

Life Sciences & Pharma

While there is a major pivot in the direction of Science that is not just dependent on the conventional sources such as educational institutions and research labs, there is a growing insistence on Innovation that scours global data beyond the known boundaries. There have been major  developments in gene & genome engineering that are fusing the future of life sciences & pharma progression. The processes of drug discovery, clinical life cycle management are becoming enmeshed with distribution and management. The scanner on drug pricing and opioids epidemic is also creating an urgency in drug companies to find niches that will be powered by innovation to not only make a positive impact in the society but stay profitable and productive.


A topic of hot discussion in every society on this planet is how healthcare should be provided and who should pay for it. The healthcare insurance industry has taken giant steps to engage with individuals / patients and make outcomes more favorable for reducing costs of healthcare. In the process, the payors are crossing conventional boundaries to create value in the ecosystem and remain relevant. 

archents is addressing this major revolution that is underway albeit silently, creating models and frameworks that can future proof the industry ecosystem players and assist with the transformation process.

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