Mobility 4.0

Data travels 40X with greater velocity, volume & vulnerability creating this ecosystem








Materials & Manufacturing



& Reach

Supply Chain 4.0

It is about converging content, computing & communications 


Whether it is people or goods, travel from one point to another needs no longer be handled by multiple processes, people or systems. They can be handled by roles (machines & people) in a global system that are unified by intelligent data.


Whether it is the making of a transport vehicle or managing its lifecycle, it feeds off from the data generated by travel. With IOT and autonomous transport the demand for changing the engineering of transport is rapid and recursive.  


Whether it is people or goods, the planning of logistics and execution is digitally driven and is currently morphing itself as a technology interface with very little human intervention. From the booking to the checkout, both people and goods are stored and housed now according to the stratification and classification of deep personalization and shared services kicking up the charm of digital duality. 

Materials & Manufacturing

With the advancement of science and technology especially in the areas of nanotechnology and biotechnology, materials are undergoing a humongous change. As a consequence the associated making of products and their applications of the materials to life. If that itself is not enough to alter the supply chain, technologies such as 3D & 4D printing and pervasive computing are further changing the game of shortening the path of origin to destination across industry sectors.   

Distribution & Reach

The pipe from travel to materials & manufacturing has thus become a node to node circulation of data in real time that is intelligent and alive to the context of the life of a customer and consumer. The matured models of B2B and B2C are now converging to the new complexities with machine learning, artificial intelligence, virtual & augmented reality as B2B2C. Customers and consumers are involved in all the stages of a product and service development; conceptualizing to create Models, Solutioning for Engineering, application for industrialization and  versioning & releases for commercialization. 

In the Industry 4.0, innovation is really not an option. It is also not a discrete enterprise event. It is an industry and extended ecosystem continuum. It is the very pulsing of the heart of the industry. The ones who succeed in the future will be in an embedded ecosystem innovating with openness where the value they create will be distributed digitally. This needs an infrastructure of both mind and presence. 

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