Strategic Enterprise Operations

The strategic enterprise operations are like the head of the human body. They define the persona of an enterprise. There are nine dimensions of this layer that need to be working in unison. Only such fusion can enable an enterprise make an identifiable impression on the world. 

1. Enterprise Strategy

Innovation is an absolute must for an enterprise. Much like breathing for a human being. When this happens consciously, both the humans and enterprises enjoy a higher quality of existence as in thriving as opposed to just surviving. How does your strategy frame innovation?

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3. Products & Services

In the modern economy, products & services are not only integrated but also required to be made available on demand at the rate of use. So how is your modern assembly line geared up to meet this globally massified personal distribution and reach? 

Product Design

5. Supply Chain

In Industry 4.0, supply chain is an open platform that carries data, people and goods;  data more exponentially with respect to  volume, velocity and vulnerability. This changes everything about how the supply chain function was seen in an enterprise context. How does your enterprise address it now?

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7. Technology

Technology is not just processing commercial data anymore. It is computing life data; not post the event passively but in real-time cognitively and with intelligence. Has your enterprise changed its perspective on adapting digital technology yet?


9. Digital Strategy

Digital strategy should be inspired by customer aspiration and there needs to be a way to actively engage customers to advance them into the future for a higher quality of life through a process of education, ownership & commitment. Is this how your enterprise see digital strategy?

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2. Sales & Marketing

Sales & marketing is no longer about selling but rather socializing and being a part of the life of the customers. This in turn brings in rich insights to create the right products and services for them. Is your enterprise overturned this pyramid yet?

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4. Customer

Does the term customer identify with value in the equation of your enterprise? If it does, then the modern definition of customer is client, team member, stakeholder, shareholder, business partner, vendor and society. What is the algorithm that integrates these seven customer segments creating valuable engagements and experience for each one of them every single time they transact on the structures, systems & synergies set up by you to serve them?


6. Human Capital

The changing demographics, the growing globality and the ever increasing need to 'learn in action' to renew structures, systems and synergies that are broken is presenting new challenges for the future of work. How does this challenge become a source for transformation in your enterprise today?

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8. Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Both the regulations as well as the desire to manage standards should drive the need for renewing governance, risk & compliance (GRC)  that can actively become the controls of intelligent enterprise & ecosystem processes. Has the renewal begun yet?

Image by Giammarco Boscaro