Converging the Virtual & Physical Real Estate

Cloud Operations

We provide full stack cloud services - from Conceptualization thru Engineering, Industrialization and Commercialization - across domains partnering with cloud infrastructure providers. archents' unique C -Cube - Transporting Intellectual Property (IP) from Conceptualization to Commercialization in a Continuum strategy is how cloud can be used for every situation presented by Industry 4.0 that includes:

Leading Innovation: Operating the dual engines of growth and productivity through GrowthOps and DevOps; that infuses the five layers of the enterprise including Strategic Enterprise Operations, Leadership, Culture, Resilience and Skills. 


The Future of Work: Being able to connect from anywhere securely with digital identity driven by role based authentication, access, authorization, permissions and privileges to systems. 

Glocalization: Addressing global customer requirements in a localized manner, deploying and managing from a single stage gated process with distinctive design led deployment that address massified personalization that is device, channel and medium independent. 

Case Study

The Context

A global transportation and logistics company wanted it's Real Time Quote System to be available for its global customer ecosystem integrated with their Advanced Planning & Optimization on various ERP products such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics. 

This would then track the entire quote to fulfilment process with a live tracker that addresses all the five dimensions of quality, cost, delivery (time), service (Empathy) and flexibility (device, channel & medium independence)

The Solution

  1. Drawing a Roadmap.

  2. Partnering with Microsoft Azure Platform.

  3. Configuring the ecosystem.

  4. Creating a dedicated API / Microservices factory that addresses the integration of components and connectors. 

  5. Migrating on-premise application to cloud and creating support for customers through the process of education, ownership and commitment providing contextual assistance in real time. 

The Application

  1. Allows customer to interactively plan and operate with integrations to Production Planning and shop floor automation. 

  2. Dynamically integrates changes in real time.

  3. Tracking and tracing of data in real time with recursive learning optimizing transactions.

  4. Transparency in the process in addition to productivity.

  5. Value Creation leads to trustful relationships.