Digital as a service

Digital as a Service

Digital as a service is an effective way of moving from the legacy of information technology into the relevance of digital. Bringing Life and enterprise applications that are digital in nature; smart, sensitive and serendipitous.

Building applications and deploying them to the relevance of the digital economy dogs most organizations who struggle with both technical and strategic debt. Added to this is the challenge of building capability and  availability of skilled resources  in the marketplace. 

Digital as a service brings the advantages of build, operate & transfer applications  that is developed to customer aspirations rather than just expectations. Catalyzing the convergence of content, computing and communications through the process of education, ownership and commitment; where the customer ecosystem is involved in all the three stages of alpha, beta and theta. 

Bringing modernity and relevance to the development and deployment of applications that are device, channel and medium independent and truly respond to the distinctions of life and enterprise applications.


How it is done


Digital Maturity Assessment


Narrative & Prioritization


Compass & Transformation Program


Mobilize, Build, Operate and / or Transfer