An introduction to digital maturity compass

We are in the thick of Industry 4.0 which is powered by digital technologies. We have arrived here powered by steam & locomotion in the first, telecommunication & motion pictures in the second and internet & eCommerce in the third versions of the industry. Everything we know about life and industry is unravelling and we need a new maturity to understand and respond to the future.


The digital maturity compass (DMC) is a digital instrument created to measure your enterprise digital maturity and help you navigate your digital transformation journey with successfully. Where success is directly proportional to the clarity that the enterprise sees in the purpose of its transformation and chooses a path that is risk assured. 

1. What is digital maturity compass?

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It is a diagnostic that mirrors “Your” perspective of your enterprise from an individual to a team, function, process, enterprise and ecosystem level. Where every individual who self-administers this diagnostic also invites others to the experience.  

It covers five layers of the enterprise with 42 dimensions and 252 attributes. It is not a judgment but a true reflection of identifying where the enterprise is; from an individual and collective perspective. It would be the most authentic version of understanding the status quo of the enterprise for its preparedness to meet the challenges of the future. No judgment, but a means to dialog across the enterprise with hard evidential data on the specifics of what needs to transform with what level of priority. This is where the compass is set for your transformation journey. 

This instrument is brought to you and supported without any obligations. This is archents’ way of demonstrating that we are prepared to participate and contribute in the fourth industrial revolution.

3. How does this work?

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We will make an announcement soon on the exact date of release. In the meantime, you are welcome to sign up. You will be among the privileged who will get to experience the instrument in a beta state and even get free consultation for effectively using it.

5. When will it be available?


Irrespective of where you are on your transformation journey, this is an important instrument to guide you with your navigation. It has been an eye opener for organizations who have used it; giving them an unbiased and often surprising reflection of themselves and their enterprise. Because this instrument is inter-connected and helps surface your true self without distortion or others providing a biased or judgmental perspective.

7. Summary


Every journey has a point of origin and a destination and this has to be optimized with finite resources and time. We know that the shortest path between two points is a straight line. Therefore it is extremely important to identity these from an enterprise point of view. This transformation journey is very different from the other other journeys the enterprise might have undertaken previously. There are no straight line in this transformation as the end goals are rapidly shifting because of the revolutionary changes technology is making. It calls for a complete disconnect from the past and renewing the enterprise to the relevance of an emerging future from the present. The points of origin keep shifting dynamically even as the destination does. Most significantly it is entirely data driven and the engine for the data is technology that is embedded in every aspect of life. It is critical that the perspective is comprehensive.

2. Why is it important for you?

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You benefit individually and collectively; As an Entrepreneur or an Intrapreneur. You get a comprehensive understanding of your enterprise and business at absolutely no costs and no judgement; where you would have had to invest significant amounts of money and time in consulting fees and opportunity costs. 

4. Who Benefits?

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This eBook will provide you a detailed understanding on the subject of digital maturity compass. It will educate you on how to self- administer the tool and look at the dashboard that provides you the scores for each of the layers as well as the aggregate enterprise; comparing across the enterprise and ecosystem with confidentiality and security. Any of the data that you share at the time of registration or when using the DMC instrument will never be shared with anyone and the inputs you provide and used to aggregate will retain your anonymity.