Intelligent Computing

It all starts with digital data management

Machine Learning

Managing data life cycle; from raw data to content, information, contextualization, intelligent interpretation, knowledge and records. Building Applications that are devise, channel & medium Independent. Creating learning through sensing - observation, visualization, simulation and correlation. Every application we build carries  Machine Learning Algorithms including neural networking and deep learning .  

Artificial Intelligence

Buiding and serving Intelligence at enterprise strategic operations level to include customer and enterprise operational intelligence, frameworks at the leadership level to provide insights on decision making, diagnostics at the cultural level to develop the learning and skills development, methodologies at the resilience level to create an accurate understanding of the gaps between customer aspiration, expectations and needs & wants, and insights at the skills level to improve work outputs.

Augmented Reality

Using the principles of gaming & artificial intelligence, developing applications facilitating enterprise innovation with emphasis on the mobility industry , digital healthcare & real estate industry industry ecosystems allowing users to new experiences, influence behaviors that impacts institutionalization of digital solutions with greater speed and risk assurance in real life.  

Virtual Reality

Make the hospitality operations more efficient from planning through execution or enable real estate buyers to experience a model before  making a commitment to buy are some ways in which we already use augmented reality. We are incorporating augmented reality in blockchain industry applications. We are also seeing the using of virtual reality in the training of mobility industry workforce yield strategic outcomes.

Case Study

A hospitality property management enterprise seeks revenue optimization. Investors expectations are changing and they would also be benefited by a portfolio of properties rather than individual properties servicing their investments. 


Brands have controlled property management as an outsourced activity. But these are times when the very concept of the hospitality  industry has changed. The struggle is on to adapt to a new paradigm of customer demands.

Find out how archents is changing the game; erasing the distinct lines of B2B and B2C into an ecosystem; creating a platform that serves intelligence in real time; intersecting the customer and product life cycle. The platform serves both the brands and property managers to deliver a higher value to customers;  where solutions and applications are interwoven with innovation in an industry that is known to be stubborn with its status quo. 

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Case Study

Every enterprise in every industry is a technology business.Customers are expecting products and services on-demand. Distinction rather than differentiation is what will work; not only to attract the curiosity of a customer but rather to retain their loyal relationship.

Enterprises are realizing that it is not a pipeline of customers but rather a pipeline of Intellectual Property (IP) that will serve them to grow continuously. Where Intellectual Property (IP) is transported seamless from conceptualization thru engineering, industrialization and commercialization in a stage gated straight through process. 

Such a process integrates the growth engine powered by Value, Intellectual and customer capital and operational engine powered by strategic enterprise operations, leadership, culture, resilience and skills. Find out how archents brings these two engines to operate on a platform.

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