Intelligent process as a service

Intelligent process

as a service

We have progressed from business process management to robotic process automation (RPA); where there is a very thin line dividing the the tasks and transactions undertaken by people and machines. For long, the emphasis has been on the transactional part with focus on automation of workflow.

Intelligent process goes beyond the conventional process management focusing on all the four parts of a process with specific emphasis on modeling roles and data for intelligent transactions that is lead by algorithms structured from the governance, risk & compliance (GRC) for real-time computing across a global universe of customer ecosystem. This by necessity raises the focus to a higher level of process abstraction.

In a digital world these not only are managing governance, risk & compliance with algorithms but also the entire loop of activities as microservices. This demands a radical shift in the software engineering approaches practiced in the industry. 

This offering brings the advantages of being agile and nimble in employing segmented and personalized process engagements globally addressing both mind to market (M2M) and time to market (T2M) objectives concurrently. 


Build ecosystems with alpha customers and define Logic and Rules with algorithms.


Create narratives that facilitate the process of education, ownership and commitment.


Extend the workflow, dataflow and information flow to intelligence, knowledge and records with roles enabled by digitial identity.


Facilitating the Building, Operating and Renewing of customer ecosystem business processes including microservices orchestration, api development and customer engagement & experience management.