Photo by Josh Calabrese on Unsplash

2. Leadership

When enterprises move from competition based business models to innovation based ones, the conventional laws of leadership will not be suitable.

Leadership in the modern times is not about entitlement or the privilege of a select few. It is a prerogative of every person in a world where systems and knowledge are being democratized and there is no limitation to the development of intellectual capital other than one's own discipline of mindset. The fusion of the five dimensions of aspiration, agility, ability, anticipation and authenticity is what makes Leadership real.

2.1 Aspiration

The quality of vision of an enterprise must go well beyond the obvious. One where the customers are presented with possibilities that would make a difference to their lives; no matter how big or small that product or service might be. Does the leadership in your enterprise qualify to be called visionary?

2.2 Agility

Agility is the preparation for a future that presents both the expected and the unexpected. It is about building the muscle memory of the enterprise with the right practices that enables not only current performance but also the performance in the future under all conditions. Is your enterprise leadership future focused?

2.3 Ability

A leader never expects others to do what they are not capable of handling and  doing. They bring a grasp of both the complexity and the necessity and make it a priority for the enterprise and its ecosystem to adopt. Do your enterprise leaders exhibit this quality to identify the abilities that the enterprise needs to prioritize on; to remain relevant in the new digital economy?

2.4 Anticipation

The word anticipation can be inspired by the ant that constantly works for assuring the future of its colony. This is a very important quality of leadership that constantly anticipates the future with a sterling vision and prepares the enterprise for all eventualities. Would you call your leaders anticipating in nature?

2.5 Authenticity

Being oneself is a quality that can inspire and initiate a movement. Bringing the genuineness of caring for things beyond one's own selfish interest. Being social in causing transformational change that impacts the lives of people positively. This is the quality that leaders are most known for. Are the leaders in your enterprise inspiring the new generation to create a better world for the future?