archents' vision of technology

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

The future is now is a cliche. We see a role in effectively preparing enterprises for a future that is enveloping us now and the secret sauce is to distinguish an approach that combines simplification, modernization and innovation with elegance.

archents' vision of technology

The challenge of transformation is the frenetic pace and the to-do list that is exhausting. Yet it must be done. Where the focus is on four key constructs of innovation & intelligence with experience and engagement.

Reimagining the core:

This is where the any transformation in any enterprise should start. In order to transform, one needs a threshold of capabilities (capacity to transform + ability to perform). In the current digital industry 4.0 context, this needs a completely new understanding of systems engineering and software development life cycle.

The former is the way in which engines, components and connectors must be built deriving the construct from the conceptual models while the latter is about creating the right environments for people, artifacts and tools interplay to contribute to productivity. One cannot operate without the other and are mutually reinforcing the need to change and contribute to growth.

There needs to be an environment where the concept of Microservices can be applied in the context of a digital factory in a serverless computing environment collaborating with ecosystem customers through the stages of alpha, beta and theta. The environment must cross the chasm of the conventional robotic process automation that automate workflow, dataflow and information flow to intelligent process automation that transcends enterprise boundaries with its listening posts to recursively restructure business logic that reshapes the algorithms and which in turn cascade down to business rules at the workflow level that run the tasks and transactions. At this level is the additional challenge of digital identity management.

While access, authentication, authorization, permissions and privileges needs to scale from enterprise to ecosystems level, digital identity is also the network of man and machines that play an equal role in the outcome of processes.

Reimagining the core is more a preparatory activity that might continue indefinitely for stability to be achieved but it is critical that this is taken up in earnest and the right foundations laid to raise a credible structure of design, transformation and innovation.

Digital Transformation

The very essence of digital is progressing to a more intelligent system that operates in real time. Where the system handles the transition from perception to cognition in nanoseconds and thereby changing the course of customer engagement and experience. At its foundation is its devise, channel and medium independence by the virtue of profiling, personalization and preferentiation. Progressing to deeper aspects of digital computing such as Machine Learning, NLP, NNP, augmented and virtual reality needs the foundation of the 3P's.

Digital transformation more than any other first a transformation everything around an ecosystem before technology can take root. It is not an overnight process and requires time and careful curation.

IOT devices, smart wearables, sensors and others are all emitting data and not just exchanging but computing in real time. Therefore the mindshift that is required from data processing to data computing is an onerous one that needs particular attention, especially among the technical folks. And it is critical to remember that digital is business and technology in equal parts and therefore the immersion and involvement of the entire enterprise is critical.

In essence, innovation that focuses on reimagining the core and intelligence that compels developing solutions and application that are life and enterprise impacting are critical measures that need scrutinized attention.


All mechanisms of digital experience needs curation and corrections on their path of optimization without exceptions. Biometrics, natural language generation, deep learning, neural networks, mixed reality, OCR/ICR/HDR, intelligent digital codes, symbolic ai, affective computing, intelligent conversational interfaces, content micro personalization and cognitive automation are all instruments of digital that are employed in enhancing customer experience. Besides curation, they also require the process of education, ownership and commitment for optimal use and institutionalization.

Data virtualization that is layered and distributed needs to be mastered keeping in mind compliance, security and privacy. This is a developing field that needs incubation now. This corresponds to the Intelligence.


The experience (intuitive interaction) for a customer can never be optimum without an aligned engagement (process). Automation, neuroscience, blockchain, quantum computing, biotechnology & bioinformatics, nanotech, 3d/4d printing, enmeshed networks, pervasive computing, physical robots, applied materials and additive manufacturing are just a few examples of how the connection is increasing its spread globally and must be abstracted for logic at the sub-process level and rules driven at the tasks and transactions level. The computing that happens concurrent to automation must be driven by algorithms; which is really the intellectual property (IP) of an enterprise that distinguishes / differentiates it.

Building robust processes is how the connection across the ecosystems will thrive that is role based. This will correspond to the Innovation that strives to create the distribution and reach through platform, product, process and projects with customer centricity focused on excellence.

Please write to to schedule a dialog with an archents expert. We look forward to sharing our thought leadership with you at the level of execution.

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