Does your enterprise run on an innovation engine?

Innovation is a journey in Excellence and it is continuous. The engine needs to address both Growth and Operations concurrently.

Finding new ways to grow and sustain is essentially what business is all about. When this is accomplished keeping in view the larger growth of customer and society, it becomes innovation. The former is outwardly focused in ways of manipulating the world to consume what is on offer. The latter is a constant pursuit of Inquiry, Exploration and Discovery to figure out what is best for the world and the customer. Innovation has always been and meant to be social.

Value Creation

Innovation contributes to Value; creating it and then adding it to incrementally. The former is Systemic Innovation that does not seek a precedent whereas the latter works on an existing idea to improve it further. It is essential to understand that Innovation must go through the sieve of Proof of Concept (Modeling) to Proof of Success (Solution) to Proof of Realization (Application). The first two are fundamentally innovation that address the Mind to Market while the last one addresses the Time to Market in a Continuum. In the digital economy, customers must be involved in the states of alpha, beta and theta.

Open Source

The concept of Open Source comes from this idea of promoting innovation in the stages of Proofing Concepts and Solutions. Where the tools, methods and software are available to try at a minimal or no cost. However their success encourages one to use them in a commercial environment successfully; where everyone is learning in action on how things are working and breaking and this helps improving the reliability of the applications in production continuously.

Innovation cannot be undertaken in isolation and has to fuse the components of Strategic Intent, Intelligent Process Automation, Roles, Technology & Applications and Infrastructure that includes Data, Intelligence, Security, Networking and Physical / Virtual Real Estate to work in unison.

The Two Engines

Most enterprises find it a challenge to operate the two engines with common resources. Because we have become used to tunneled vision and the inability to work in a multi-processing environment. But the fourth industrial revolution is dramatically shifting customer Aspirations / Expectation with Glocality (Global + Local) coming into play. Customized massification is the order of the day and it is important to master how individual experiences can be served with globalized engagement. Developments in Science & Technology provides both a threat and an opportunity.

Creating an environment for Innovation

An environment for Innovation begins with the right narrative and is followed by the right infrastructure. It may be fashionable to talk about ‘moonshots’ but a disciplined approach to risk assurance is the underpinning to successful innovation. The environment must be safe and trusting for Ideation and Creativity to flow freely. Experimentation is key for this environment and that is only possible with an ecosystem in place.

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