Mirroring the Enterprise through Digital Maturity Compass APP

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The neuroscience behind limbic synchrony has everything to do with the discovery of mirror neurons and how empathy develops in the brain. In the late 1980s, researchers at the University of Parma in Italy found that the brain cells of macaque monkey fired in the same way whether they were making a particular motion (like reaching for a peanut) or watching another monkey or human make that movement. In terms of motor cell activity, the monkey’s brain could not tell the difference between actually doing something and seeing it done. The scientists named those brain cells “mirror neurons.”

In human beings, it was found that mirror neurons not only simulate actions, they also reflect intentions and feelings. As such, they play a key role in our ability to socialize and empathize with others.

Limbic synchrony is hardwired into the human brain. Babies do it even before birth; their heartbeats and body functions take on a rhythm that matches those of their mothers. As adults, we do it when we are talking with someone we like, are interested in, or agree with. We subconsciously switch our body posture to match that of the other person — mirroring that person’s nonverbal behavior and signaling that we are connected and engaged.

Before the discovery of mirror neurons scientists generally believed that we used analytical thought processes to interpret and predict other people’s motives and actions. Now, however, many have come to believe that we understand each other not by analysis, but through emotion. By reading body language signals (especially facial expressions) and automatically interpreting the emotion behind them, we get an intuitive sense of the world around us — without having to think about it.

archents’ Digital Maturity Compass App uses this principle of mirroring to create a unified understanding of the relevance of the enterprise and how it needs to transforms itself to sustainably grow in this digital economy which is driving the Industry 4.0 movement. It carefully examines the five layers of the enterprise that compose its architecture; Strategic Enterprise Operations, Leadership, Culture, Resilience and Skills. It walks an individual in the enterprise through 42 dimensions spread across five layers with each dimension in a layer providing six options to choose from; recognizing what is manifest in the current enterprise currently.

This choice by individuals aggregates a score from Individuals to Teams, Functions, Processes, Enterprise and even Ecosystems. Such mirroring of the enterprise maturity in the context of a digital economy helps understand where the enterprise converges and diverges; the former can be used to create a narrative of opportunities and the latter used to understand the problems that need to be solved at an enterprise level.

Unless there is a distinct understanding of the status quo, any transformation is bound to fail. Because every journey needs a point of origin and a destination. This determines how the journey will be undertaken.

We are currently living through a time when everything we know about life and living is being upturned. Whether it is in Industry, Society or family, we need to renew our ways of thinking and acting; where technology takes center stage. Everything needs to be looked through the lens of “Digital Technologies” which is disruptively different from the “Information Technologies” we have known and experienced so far.

Mirroring is a sign of comfort, trust, and rapport. So it’s possible that individuals who aren’t mirroring each other are experiencing some kind of conflict or they aren’t in sync. The whole point of mirroring is that it’s a way to better understand others and connect with them at a real level.

Reference: The art & Science of Mirroring; Dr. Carol Kinsey Goman, Ph.D.Contributor

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