Rethinking Materials with Biology

Don’t be caught up in nostalgia

Today’s narratives no longer start with “Once upon a time”. They start with “These are extraordinary times”. Being relevant is extremely essential. Even toddlers don’t have patience for the irrelevant.

Designing with life is a theme that industry needs to learn and they can do this only when they start reframing their questions. And this is the start of their transformation journey. The process of arriving at solutions from such reframing is what design thinking is all about.

Design Thinking leads to Solutions while Design leads to Applications. There must be a distinctive understanding of the two

Every industry must ask questions that reframes their context such as:

  1. The Supply Chain enterprise framing how it can shape consumption?

  2. The manufacturing enterprise framing how it can shape adaptation?

  3. The technology enterprise framing how it can shape governance?

  4. The Transportation, Logistics & Distribution enterprise framing how it can shape Mobility.

  5. The government and its agencies framing how they can shape global societies into ecosystems.

  6. The Healthcare enterprise framing how it can shape a healthy life.

  7. The financial enterprise framing how it can shape trustful digital transactions.

  8. The education enterprise framing how it can shape human capabilities.

  9. It is not enough to shift from the third to the fourth industrial revolution. The success of enterprises depends on how they shape them.

Owning the future

The future belongs to those who have the Capabilities (Capacity to Transform + Ability to Perform) to deliver:

  1. Platform, Products, Processes and Projects must interchangeably operate in real time 24*7*365

  2. Breaking the barriers of the Physical & Virtual

  3. Digital Maturity at the threshold of Competence to Excellence.

Driving Innovation

Driving Innovation is not a choice but an imperative in the modern economy where growth has to be delivered against severe challenges and adversities. The current outlook shows the global economy slipping into a period of slowing down and there is great socio political divide. Leadership is seen weak in both government and enterprises. It could be a low from where the only way is moving up.

It is essential that enterprises need to recognize the status quo with clarity. Only then can they see their transformation journey with the clarity it deserves.

archents’ Digital Maturity Compass App is designed precisely for this reason. To help provide an aggregated view of the status quo and thereafter map a journey on the principles of excellence; that embarks an enterprise on the growth curve continuously.

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