Solutions & Services for Industry 4.0

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

Our Point of Arrival is that Value Creation needs to be looked at this juncture with a fresh pair of eyes in every industry.

Services in the digital age cannot be accomplished with old tools and methods.

Services 4.0

The services industry relating to Technology and Software development has graduated its arbitrage model advancing from Labor to Cost to Resource to finally Value. archents has kept pace with these developments and is now responding with its framework of Solutions and Services that could allow customers to transport Intellectual Property (IP) from Conceptualization to Commercialization in a Continuum.

In order for the above to happen, Customers need to move from arbitrage models to collaborative models of businesses. This is a huge structural shift and needs alignment within several layers of the customer enterprise including Supply Chain, Engineering, Development and Offshore units. archents aims to lead this transformation in the industry patiently working through the process of Education, Ownership and Commitment.

At the core of Services 4.0, Value is the Key. One that delivers to the aspirations of the Customers’ Customer. Such a Value Co-Creation process requires trust as well as infrastructure. In addition, the mindset as well, that Value needs to be delivered to Aspirations of Customers. On our part, archents will bring to the table frameworks, methods and models that will enable jumpstart dialog between customers and archents and most importantly wishing the Customer Enterprise and / or Ecosystem.

Schedule a conversation today with one of our experts to appreciate the efforts we are undertaking to see you successful in your efforts to become a leader in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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