Striving for Excellence

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There is no enterprise that won’t call itself innovative. Indeed, the very essence of an enterprise is based on innovation. But why are we talking about innovation when the topic says excellence? Because striving for excellence is essentially a journey in excellence. So let us understand this journey in excellence to reposition ourselves to be better at innovation.

Passion is not enough for Innovation

We are all passionate about something or the other and that leads most of us to our vocations. But our passion doesn’t guarantee greatness or success. We have to work for it. Ask any successful person or enterprise and they will vouch for it. Even when we reach the zenith of our accomplishments, it is not an indication of either excellence or success. The only thing we can do therefore is strive. This journey in excellence is not vague and surreal; to the contrary, it has very definitive stages like stations or milestones in a regular journey.

Every individual and enterprise keep going through this journey in excellence continuously an entire lifetime

As the above illustration suggests, continuously being curious to the stimuli in the environment is the starting point of any innovation journey. As the times shift, so does the environment and this causes the relevance of innovation to also shift. In our present lives, we are in the throes of a fourth generation industry revolution; one that is powered by digital. The first three were powered by Steam Locomotion, Telephony & Motion Pictures and the Internet respectively.

Points of Origin & Destination

It is extremely important to know where one is, as an individual, enterprise, societies and the planet itself; to respond to the stimuli of the environment with responsibility and accountability. And that causes us to innovate and pave the path to deliver to excellence.

archents’ Digital Maturity compass helps you do exactly that. In the digital economy, the enterprise needs to recast itself from the legacy of the past to the relevance of the future. To do this, it is important to find out where one is on that journey. This data should then become the point of plotting the start and end points continuously to the context of striving for excellence with the right tools and resources.

Connecting an enterprise

An enterprise has five layers and they need to be connected just like how a human body is connected.

  1. The Strategic Enterprise Operations is at the apex of the connection.

  2. This influences and connects to Leadership and the two mutually serve each other.

  3. Culture is the critical cog that facilitates the above to mutually serve each other.

  4. Resilience is the lubricant that keeps the enterprise moving from threshold of capability to another; through good and bad times.

  5. And Skills becomes the pivot based on which the enterprise sustains it growth performance.

archents’ effort to help enterprises find this method in a self serving manner comes from the realization that enterprises have no time for long drawn out consulting engagements. Transformation and Change must happen from within and must be facilitated by new methods and tools that is owned and institutionalized by the enterprise. Hence the instrument is built free and distributed with no strings attached.
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