The architecture for industry 4.0

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Architecture can be a transformative engine for change. It needs to be seen differently in an enterprise's context now.

The modern architecture is threaded by data whereas the previous architectures were by infrastructure

There is a paradigm shift to the concept of Service in Industry 4.0; irrespective of the Industry and Vertical. Life and Industries are pivoting to a new future where the divide between the Physical and Virtual is blurred by Digital Technologies. Those in Services must Lead and Respond to this Transformation with progressing on their own journeys in excellence; otherwise known as Innovation. The classic example to understand this phenomena is the business of Amazon.

As it has emerged as this big Supply Chain behemoth, it is leaving no business models untouched; be it B2C, B2B, B2B2C, C2C and P2P. While in the past three versions of service, the physical part of Supply Chain was the driver for Data & Information Processing, it is the Digital Processing that is the driver for the Physical movements of goods and people. Central to this argument is data and Intelligence is moving 20 times exponential in comparison to the movement of people and goods.

Amazon while outsourcing its low end activities focused on developing this capability with the time and money it saved. Only if its Service Providers knew better. And now that it has accomplished its broader agenda, Amazon can practically have any donkey carry its physical weight from origin to destination.

Having a Servant's heart and a digital mind are critical to the thriving of businesses in the Services. Continuous Innovation is the method

The Services Industry for any vertical and / sector has emerged from Labor Arbitrage through Cost and Resource into the current Value Arbitrage. As Customers have shifted from being Oligopolies and Monopolies into Optimized Business Units within their enterprise group, the need for organic growth has become more evident; especially given the changes in the environment including Life, Digital Technology and dynamically shifting Global Customer Aspirations.

How the service are morphing in Industry 4.0

It should be evident by now that Services Industry needs to geared not only to Proposition Value but rather enable "Plug and Play" of Engines, Components and / or Connectors into the Customer Experience, Engagement & Enterprise. Services Organization must be have the capabilities to either Create / Influence or be part of ecosystems that operate mutually inclusively as Platform, Product, Process and / or Projects (Services).

The architecture of yore which was connected by infrastructure is now threaded by data which moves across the spectrum of data (master, meta, empirical & analytical), information, content, knowledge, intelligence and records from a node to node in real time sustaining a process in loop.

We at archents are geared to this new disruptive reality that the services organizations must measure up to. Schedule a dialog with an archents expert today by writing to and benefit from a deep dive on the subject.

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