The Story behind Digital Maturity Compass APP

This is an image of soldiers in world war 1 using the then relevant technology of telephony.
Photo by The New York Public Library on Unsplash

The story of the Digital Maturity Compass app is inspired by the need for enterprises to engage its people in a dialog. We are in the thick of the fourth industrial revolution where every aspect of life and systems is being democratized. And yet, people resist; be it in government or institutions and surprisingly even in startups…to adapt to this democratization. Of course, this is the “history” of humankind, where the price of Transformation / Change has been conventionally human lives and bloodshed. It doesn’t make sense in the modern times to keep repeating the mistakes of the past, is it? The Gen Z is looking around with disbelief and wondering who they need to be inspired by or who they follow for a role model.

The Game of Thrones is a fantasy drama, not real life inspiration; despite its undeniable popularity just like social media

We are plagued by debt in every aspect of our life:

  1. Environment is facing the crisis of Climate Change; with challenges in adapting to new materials, infrastructure and

  2. Governance is facing the discontent of not meeting the emerging aspirations of people anywhere in the world; with increasing challenges of poverty, diversity, bigotry and so on.

  3. Education is stuck in an outdated pedagogy; unable to meet the growing demands of building capabilities (capacity to transform + ability to perform).

  4. Wealth is dwindling as enterprises and societies have failed to morph the definition of Value to the relevance of modern times.

  5. Health faces challenges of epidemic proportions in a disease driven society; increasing the miseries with longer life spans and stunted advancements in Science.

  6. Mobility is becoming increasingly fragile; despite the advancement of globality and emphasis on urbanized infrastructure.

  7. Technology is becoming more pervasive and yet unleveraged because of the lack of skills, adaptability issues and the delay in conceiving the right combination of data.

This almost perfect recipe for a catastrophic disaster has to be averted. And there is no looking around. “We the People” have to find that perspective, dialog and bring about not just a course correction; but rather a fundamental transformation in the way in which we see life, enterprises and our being in them. This is a journey like no other and we have to find out the origin and destination of it.

There are so many variables that the destination can be whittled down only through exercising the options that come up through the process of innovation; not from the past methods. And to make a leap, not just take a first step, one needs to know the origin.

This constant mapping of the coordinates of this new transformation journey is what the Digital Maturity Compass aims to support. Where the maturity of an enterprise is not governed by what it knows from its past but rather what it doesn’t know about its future.

Any economist worth their salt will tell you that debt never lends itself very well to the non-linearity of growth. And the growth that is required today is nonlinear because it is akin to a fresh start due to the above listed seven factors. Starting anywhere on that debt curve is definitely starting from a position of negative value. Time and Space are shrinking and a fresh point is the only option for growth.

archents’ Digital Maturity Compass mirrors an enterprise aggregating from an individual to team, function, process, enterprise and ecosystem; see evidentiary data and design a transformation program based on the compass this data produces through prioritization.

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