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A Powerful Narrative

A narrative is a very powerful tool for any transformation. Today’s narratives in enterprises have to look at starting from the extraordinary times that we live in and it’s progression into the future. There is very little relevance to look into the past; simply because this and the future generations have no context to recognize it. And we are creating solutions for those living in the present and into the future, isn’t it? Then why is the reluctance to cast the anchor forward?

Getting the data right

The subject of digital is an evolving one for some and revolutionizing for others. Of course, most people and enterprise might profess to choose the middle ground. But the inescapable fact of this phenomenon is that you have to understand this subject of digital before you can declare which side of the scale you want to be; left, right or center. Get the contextual data right for yourself as well in a unified view for the enterprise. This data needs to lace across the five layers of the enterprise;

  1. Strategic Enterprise Operations: The nervous system leading upto the brain function of an enterprise.

  2. Leadership: The respiratory system leading upto the pumping heart of an enterprise that keeps it alive.

  3. Culture: The circulatory system connecting all the major organs of the body and maintaining the vitality of the life of an enterprise.

  4. Resilience: The muscular system that prepares the body of an enterprise to face both the good and bad conditions with equanimity and strength.

  5. Skills: The human organs that learn from all the above and gain methods, tools and practice to act in a manner that helps the enterprise perform and grow.

Through the progression of the Industrial Revolutions one common factor that is coursing along is the shrinking of time and space for growth. We need to see growth not just incrementally but rather dramatically; almost starting from a new threshold of capability. Because we have wrung dry the tools of profitability and productivity on old models of competition and growth. The new generation demands innovation that mutually includes Mind 2 Market and Time 2 Market engines to operate mutually inclusively.

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