Transformation as a service

Transformation is

a continuous process

Transformation is the continuous outcome of modeling  and experimentation. The practice brings a measured approach to simplification, modernization and innovation in enterprises through the stage gate process of proof of concept (POC) leading to proof of solutions (POS) and proof of realization (POR). 


As time and space keep shrinking and technology demands tectonic shift in the way it is implemented to achieve both profitability and productivity, there is a need to see transformation as a service. One that is neutral to the biases of an operating enterprise and does not carry the burden of legacy.


Using transformation as a service brings the advantages of global deployment and uniformity in massifying personalization. A necessary way to seamlessly employ the growth and operation engines to remain ahead of the competitive curve; making innovation a way of life in the enterprise. In the process, immersing and involving people in the enterprise to move seamlessly and contribute to both engines effectively.


This practice combines the disciplines of design thinking, design, enterprise architecture, digital maturity & digital transformation.

Transforming the way value is created

Proof of Concept

The first stage of proofing is through Modeling Business ideas / concepts; Customer Life Cycle & Product Life Cycle is envisioned. Feasibility and usability are tested with alpha customers. If there is a deeper need to understand applicability, it is advanced to Proofing Solutions.

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Proof of Solutions

The second stage is to Proof Solutions by creating Engines, Components and Connectors in controlled conditions to prove prototypes of live conditions. Customers can be both in alpha and beta states and the conditions tested here include functionality and features. Raw Materials and substitutes are analyzed.

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Proof of Realization

The third stage is one of value realization for the customer universe in the theta stage. Profitability and productivity are inclusive customer measures. Machine and deep learning are kicked into high gear for the renewal of customer value; setting a higher threshold of capability and innovation.

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